Vela a la vista / In sight


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This artwork is part of a continuous series inspired in volcano eruptions, which with each subsequent work turns into something new and amazing. Each of these artworks is unique and inimitable.

Carlos Reyes refused the approximate to the reality of the image forms. His goal is to depict of certain color combination and forms causing the viewer a sense of completeness and entirety. Each of the paintings carries its own charge of colossal energy and expression. They are created to inspire and bring joy and beauty to the world. When performing these works the artist uses a wide range of his own methods (search for shapes, perspectives and colors) 

Title: Vela a la vista / In sight - 2018
Artist: Carlos Reyes
Technique: Acrilic on canvas
Dimensions inches: L 10 X H 12 / L 25cm X H 30cm

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