Arboleda / Grove


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Iñaki Beorlegui has more than twenty years of experience in Mexican art market.

At the moment the artist is entering a new stage where he explores new spaces, shapes, lights and shadows, the achievement in it denotes greater maturity and more confidence, resulting in what he himself was looking for.

Iñaki is sobriety in color, the tactile sensation of surfaces, veiled figuration, gesture, the contained imprint stain, sometimes intellectualized, others much more lyrical.Temperament, race, trade, and a great character would be his hallmarks. Iñaki Beorlegui is a young Mexican painter based in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Title: Arboleda (Grove) - 2012
Artist: Iñaki Beorlegui
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: L 48" x H 28" / L 120cm x H 70cm

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