Primer latido cuando en lo hondo de la entraña / Tortuga


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Rafael Galdámez was born in Berriozábal, Chiapas, in 1984. He was artist- in-residence at painter Alejandro Santiago´s studio in Oaxaca from 2009 until 2012. Galdámez is a young master of painting, his work places great emphasis on wildlife, and through it we discover his Chiapanecan soul; his coexistence with nature and his wonder and its beauty; his firsthand knowledge of the animal and plant world; and his obvious concern with the deterioration of the environment. His bestiary clearly leans towards animals from Chiapas itself.

He exemplifies both the skill and the astute assimilation of many master legacies and of many centuries of painting; his color palette is bold and fearlessly explores all posibilites. His painting is not the kind that can be quickly grasped; the accumulation of small details makes it rich, and the complex finish is deserving of attention. Galdamez´s work has been internationally recognized in the world of creative arts. His works are on demand around the globe in such countries as Mexico, United States, Panamá, Colombia, Czech Republic, France among other european countries, giving the probability that his works will increase in value over the years.

Title: Primer latido cuando en lo hondo de la entraña / Tortuga - 2018
Artist: Rafael Gladámez
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: L 28" x H 36"L 70cm X H 90cm

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